Humbled, and All That Good Stuff

Honestly, I never expected this.  Yet I’m not surprised.

A week ago, I posted this brief little reflection on my battle with Hodgkins at age 13, and I decided to establish a somewhat unorthodox goal to celebrate it.  I shared it on my facebook wall and Twitter feed, hoping that my small network of friends and family would spread the word.

Well, the word caught on fast, and within a few days I was in contact with Detroit’s ABC affiliate, WXYZ, that found a bit of interest in the story.  And the next thing you know….BAM.

Social media has taken on a variety of roles in its young life, from serving as a protest platform for Iranian students and dissidents to, well, discussing things we all hate.  But in this world….EVERYONE has the opportunity to make their voice heard, and in some cases, your own voice is carried by others much further than you expected.

And that’s what has really happened here.  And it’s really all good.

My goal through this effort is not to publicize my life experiences, nor do I expect sympathy for what I endured.  There’s far too many people suffering from a variety of cancers that deserve our attention, our thoughts and prayers, and our donations.  The time for my receipt of these things passed seventeen years ago, and now it’s time for others to experience the same overwhelming tidal wave of compassion and determined giving that I was totally fortunate to receive in the past.

So.  Thank you to all that have given so far, and thank you to those that will give.  Every small amount counts.



One Response to Humbled, and All That Good Stuff

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