Whew, It’s Been A While: Sunday Link-Fest

Now that I’ve scared off all six of my readers, it’s time I get this thing started up again.  Apologies for the long delay, but the life of a travelling consultant doesn’t bode well for constant blogging.

The Metro Detroit area has been abuzz with activity over the past few weeks, and with the holidays coming around the hits just keep on comin’.  It’s a glorious thing seeing all the activity around these parts, so to tack on to the fun here’s the Detroitists’ Link-Fest!

  • If you live in Midtown, you were probably visited by one of dozens of marching bands, carolers, or other random denizens during last evening’s Noel Night, an annual tradition that opens the doors of Detroit’s finest, uh, finds for one evening.  This blogger was especially impressed by the showing at the Detroit Public Library and Detroit Institute of Arts, but being visited by the Cass Tech Marching Band while dining at Traffic Jam was pretty dang awesome.
  • An interesting article on the state of affairs of Michigan’s public education system was in this week’s online Metro Times.  It would be a wee bit interesting if my friends over at the Skillman Foundation could offer up some perspective…
  • I love HOUR Detroit — really, I do.  Despite its often-offcentered approach to reporting on all things Metro (hint: I have good word that Birmingham is NOT the epicenter of the area, sorry…), here comes a pretty sweet feature on Joel Landy, a Midtown-based developer.
  • Find of the Week: do you like, uh, cougars and mullets and a whole heap of ridiculous fun that will make you call up your friends afterwards and scream “THAT JUST HAPPENED!!!”?  Boogie Fever is the place to go.  Prepare to be AMAZED.

More to come this week, hopefully….in the meantime, if you have suggestions for the LinkFest, tweet me.


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