LEAVE OUR GARDENS ALONE! :: Thursday Link-Fest

I finally snagged a couple of tickets to this weekend’s UofM – MSU football game.  You’d think that, after seven years and $[OMG] in tuition, I’d not only get free tickets, but Michigan would actually let me start at cornerback.  Hmph.

Here’s what’s eHappenin’ in the D today!

– Rep. Gabe Leland has introduced a bill that would exempt Detroit’s urban farms from the protection clauses in the Michigan Right to Farm Act.  Some claim it restricts the ability to open more urban farms in the city; others believe it allows the city to chart its own course.  I’m kinda sorting leaning toward the latter, especially considering Leland has been an advocate for bringing more local grocers to the city.

– This is old news amongst its residents, but the Detroit News makes note of an anonymous property purchaser buying up abandoned lots and buildings near the Masonic Temple.  This just keeps fueling speculation that Mike Illitch is planning to build a new sports venue in the neighborhood.  To say that such a plan would be a watershed moment for Midtown development is a gross understatement.

– While on the subject of Midtown, another “duh” moment for its residents but a “hmm!” for outsiders: the Sugar Hill neighborhood is witnessing an influx of artists, further driving up demand for work/live loft spaces in the corridor. (HT: Hour Detroit)

– Ding Dong, Kwame’s staying in jail.  My prediction: he still gets votes in the next election. (HT: Crain’s Detroit)

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2 Responses to LEAVE OUR GARDENS ALONE! :: Thursday Link-Fest

  1. Friend, you could stroll into the Blues’ Secondary. They are not very good.

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