Bye, Africa.

(Photo Courtesy: Vince Mamet)

Day 25-ish
Cape Town, South Africa
Current Song: Waka Waka (or whatever it’s called) — Shakira

These seventeen days have been a whirlwind.  Five World Cup matches, a dozen visits to Giovanni’s coffee shop down the street, a trip through the underwater kelp forests of Cape Point, and an engagement of two good friends later, it’s time to depart Africa.

I’m sometimes asked about my favorite travel destinations, and I always respond by saying that it depends on when you ask me.  Cape Town, my first time around, was more defined by my travel companions rather than the city itself, but this time I think it was the exact opposite — the Mother City beckoned to me, asking to test it for all it’s worth to see if I really could justify my claim of this being one of the greatest cities in the world.

Cape Town became a bit of a home to me over these few short weeks, and it’s why I found myself conversing with two of my friends from Australia at dinner last evening about going in on a time-share once we’re on our feet after years of piled-up student loans.  A biennial Christmas jaunt here wouldn’t be out of the question, for sure, and I imagine that I’ll be greeted with a hearty Howz it? every time I set foot in the shadows of Table Mountain.

Next up: Chennai, where I look forward to being greeted by an old friend, heaps of cuisine, and another attempt at figuring out how in the world I plan to pack more stuff into my duffel bag, which is taking on the appearance of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.


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