So It Begins. You Know, It.

Day Zero
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Current Song: “I’m Ridin’ Solo” — Jason Deruelo


You’d think that I would have prepared myself for this, making sure all loose ends were tied up, saying fond farewells to friends, etc. etc.

But, let’s be honest here: it’s only sixty days.  I know people who participate in weight loss programs that last that long.  I mean, c’mon.  It’s, like, the length of Fall A at Ross, or twice as long as Paris HIlton’s stint in jail (hi-YO!).  Really, two months is like a speck of corn in Fat Bastard’s crap.  (Gross? Gross.)

I think the aspect of it, though, that makes this journey seem a bit more, um, finalized is the destinations involved.  I deliberately chose to avoid Europe because 1) I’ve lived there, 2) it ain’t cheap, and 3) I have a much higher likelihood of going there for business than Bhutan.  Just sayin’ — these are destinations I don’t expect to visit while being subsidized by some other entity.

So…here we go.  Stop #1: Windhoek, Namibia.

Obviously, that video doesn’t do a very good job of describing why I’m actually visiting this hidden gem.  So, let me provide you with the Top 3 reasons I’m actually going to Namibia:

1. Windhoek — My friends have mentioned Windhoek is more like a “misplaced Bavarian village” than an African capital city.  Magical.  And, their beer is great.

2.  Sossusvlei — Home of the building-esque sand dunes and an-eeeee-mals galore.

3. Swakopmund —  It’s known as a haven for extreme sports enthusiasts all over the continent.  You may find me endo-ing on a 4-wheeler on some random sand dune.  Don’t worry, I have health insurance.


2 Responses to So It Begins. You Know, It.

  1. afan says:


    Good to see that you will be travelling in India in July.
    I am in south india. Let me know incase of any queries.
    I’ll be glad to help…

  2. Taymans says:


    How are you? Your travels look fascinating and make me look forward to my Balkan trip in July. I’m writing a story about the MBA job market and wanted to would love to chat with you about your thoughts. You have good style, so I feel like you’ll have some insight on background or on the record. If you feel inspired, please be in touch and I hope to hear from you soon.

    207 522 6715

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