We’re not Immune.

I haven’t been one to shy away from describing moments of hurt, human sorrow, or the realities we face on this little piece of the web.  One particular moment was when my family hosted a jobless, down-on-his-luck gentleman for dinner around Christmastime.  Other entiries described my own struggle with understanding what I would end up doing with my degree and whether or not I could be the servant to the world I hoped to become.

And then there was the post where I reflected on the death of three Stanford GSB students, and I wrote the following:

I don’t know who to sympathize with — of course, his family is paramount. But I can’t stop wondering — what would happen if three of my classmates suffered the same fate? And in that sense, I don’t doubt that this rocked GSB to the core. Yes, it’s just a school, and yes, it’s somewhat artificial, what with the countless hours of orientation and (ahem) happy hours and…well, learning alongside a hand-picked cohort of future leaders.

Business school has its ups and downs, just as the personalities of each student combine to create a sine wave that never seems to harmonize. But in this hour, I feel deeply for the unnamed cohort down there in sunny Palo Alto — they’ll be left wondering what impact those three gentlemen may have had on their lives, and how it could have been different.

Since October 2008, those words were just words.  I occasionally wondered what it would be like if a similar sort of event occurred at Ross and what the reaction would be.

Cragin just finished her first year at Ross, was excited about interning at a consulting firm this summer in Chicago, and was involved heavily in Follies.

She had a smile that could light up a room.  She would randomly send me facebook messages at 3am after a night out, and we’d laugh about the topics the next day.  She wasn’t just a classmate, but a friend who could always be counted on to cheer you up on the bleakest of days.

And today, at age 28, she’s gone. We don’t know what exactly happened, but the details will hopefully emerge over the next week.  Regardless, knowing how she was taken away does nothing to quell the devastation all of us are experiencing right now.

We at Ross who were blessed by her presence are left wondering.  As a fellow classmate said, “We lost a shining star today”.  Please, keep her family, and the Ross community, in your thoughts.


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