2009 :: Another Year, Another Mountain of Debt.

I’m lounging about here at the American, uh, lounge at MIA, the reward I receive after weighing the opportunity cost of trying to get a cab to South Beach, eat, and return within a four-hore time period.  It’s lightly drizzling here, and Will Smith’s “Welcome to Miami” song is throbbing through my head with no substantial impact on my countenance.  Party in the city where the rain causes traffic jams is more like it.

Anyway, lounging here has afforded me the opportunity to reflect a bit on the past month and begin to prepare for the next eight.  After having spent the past two weeks averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep per night, I now sit here with nothing to do except read books about Antarctica n’ shit.  It’s an odd feeling when you don’t know what to do with idle time, especially when that confusion is brought on by the fact that you haven’t had any free time.

Either way — it’s been the most dynamic year I’ve experienced….yeah, I always say that.  But really…the highs and lows have been spectacular, either in their horror or triumph.  And while my blogging trysts have slowly waned since 2006, it’s always nice to reflect on the year with you all.  So, without further ado:

Best New Read: Wow. I’ve been awful about reading this year, but (and I know this isn’t a “new read”) I was totally enthralled by The Count of Monte Cristo. I read it over the course of a week in Colombia and couldn’t set it down except to avoid drug lords and hit up the beach.

Best Song of the Year: When I received Twitterword that MJ had died, I knew exactly what this answer would be: Billie Jean.  Again, an oldie, but it’s my list!

Best Rockstar Crush: Hmm, welp…this lady was the only one that made me give pause to Best Song.  She’s never cooled, but she’s hotter than ever.  And Colombians worship the ground upon which she walks:

Best Moment: Mom coming off of cancer treatments.  everything else is peanuts.

Best Class: Is it bad that, for two straight years, my favorite course has been in the policy school?  Foreign Policy with Susan Waltz was aw-sum.  Plus, she invited us over for pumpkin carving this fall!

Best Cohort-Bonding Activity: About 30 of us caravanned to the Michigan-Wisconsin game and took over Madison.  Halfway there, we stopped by my classmate Tanuj’s house near Chicago where we were treated to one of the best home-cooked Indian spreads I’ve ever eaten without utensils.

Best Road Trip: Three (!!) of ’em: Colombia for spring break (and the 23-hour bus rides); Berlin in May; South Dakota for the whole month of August, where mom and dad got me fat.

Best Epiphany: Oh, this was good.  In the car to Wisconsin, some classmates and I were talking about the first year girls and which ones we thought were cute, right?  So I mention one girl and the rest of the car bursts into laughter.  Turns out my buddy’s dating her.  In the words of Tanuj, “I’m at the craps table in Vegas, m@, and you just rolled a Yo.”

Best Cohort Experience: Wow, this is a toughie.  I will say that the Ford School Holiday Party this year was a wonderful time to get together as classmates and friends and to see who could make the Dean laugh most.  I think us dual-degree kids won.

Best Random Experience: Getting my manager and clients to dance an Irish jig at a bar in the Temple Area of Dublin was, well, unexpected.

Best Post-exam moment: How about flying to Antarctica?  Does that count?  Would be nice to have some classmates coming along, but it’s not that simple. 🙂

Best Surprise: If only you were in that final interview with EBUCF alongside me, you’d understand how surprised I was to get that offer.

Here’s to a safe and relaxing holiday season to all!


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