It Ain’t Glam.

I’ve been fortunate enough to incorporate a heapload of travel into my summer internship at UCF (Unnamed Consulting Firm), and I’m sure I could write a novella on the bittersweet symphony that is business travel. However, I think my facebook status updates paint a fairly simple, yet well-developed, chronology of how my recent escapades have been.

m@ will give you one chance to figure out where he his right now. Those of you stalking him aren’t allowed to play, sorry. 26 May at 08:48

m@ ….okay, here’s a hint: his sweet tea addiction is pleasantly appeased at his current location. 26 May at 19:51

m@ Gaaaaaah SWEET TEA CHICK-FIL-A NOM NOM NOM 27 May at 13:39

m@ ….congrats go out to Todd, correctly guessing that I’m currently in Pyongyang, North Korea, attempting to appease Kim Jong-il. 27 May at 19:27

m@ isn’t sure who required more courage to wake up at 4am for the trip to BOS: himself or the cab driver. 01 June at 05:01

m@ is stuck in the first traffic jam Greensboro, North Carolina has seen in years. 04 June at 18:02

m@ …Boston-London: five hour flying time, two meals, inflight entertainment. Boston-LA: six hour flying time, zero meals, no TVs. Again, does not compute. 07 June at 15:18

m@ ‘s body is finally rebelling. 08 June at 21:30

m@ …28,552 miles. 14 airports. Hello, past 45 days. 11 June at 20:00

m@ …is there a word used to describe “a married cougar”? Whatever it is, the Lufthansa lounge is full of ’em. 13 June at 15:05

m@ somehow convinced his client — and his manager — to do an Irish jig in downtown Dublin tonight. If anything, he’s learning the art of persuasion this summer. 16 June at 20:35

m@ has been called many things, but “Viking Boy”, concocted by the waiter at the sushi restaurant in Copenhagen last night, was a new one. Off goes Sven back to America. 22 minutes ago



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