Vicious Electronic Questioning: JulyDream (Part 1)

All right, so if the blog posts don’t give it away, I am a student at Ross. (awkward silence) However, over the past couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to befriend some really fantastic folks that happen to attend some other fantastic programs around the globe. Usually, when confronting these people, I would pre-empt our discussion by saying “Your football team sucks,” but I’ve had no such justification to use that line in normal conversation these days.

Anyway, one person I did befriend is the intrepid JulyDream, a fellow Best of Blogging award winner, and first-year MBA student at Darden. I had the chance to catch up with her via Googlechat recently to hash out her experience so far.

m@: I saw you got an offer for the summer — where you gonna be?
(information redacted 🙂 )

nice! excited?
Definitely. Big stress reliever, plus it’s kind of fun having people know [the brand]. I worked at such a small firm prior to b-school that no one had ever heard of it.
[It’s] been a rough year [for recruiting]. At this point, I’m just happy to have a job.
m@: yep…even in b-skool, you should never take it for granted. :)
I definitely agree. How are classes going?
m@: pretty well, i’m suffering from acute senioritis. policy classes are a totally different experience, first of all, but then i’m also taking some stuff with some 2nd year mbas, and they’re just counting down the days.
so let’s discuss classes: what you expected? better? worse? you dig case method madness?
I suppose I’d have to say better. It’s funny, I told my mom I didn’t want to attend HBS because of the case method and here I am, at Darden, living the case method. There’s nothing better, IMO, however. You learn to state and defend your assumptions when making points in class. You learn about what people did in there “previous lives”. And you also learn that there often is NOT a “right” answer. For me, I can’t imagine sitting in a classroom listening to a professor talk. And when you experience particular professors, you understand just how involved the case method can be. It keeps you on your toes a lot of the time.
Ross uses a sort of hybrid case, actually. most of the strategy courses are case-based plus some theory inserted at various points during the discussion. our marketing courses usually involve theory then team-based projects that attempt to incorporate key learnings…finance, same thing. i will definitely say that i’ve enjoyed the case-based courses quite a bit, but i’ve also learned a lot from the lectures (read: alllll my policy classes).

(At this point, julydream got a phonecall from her mom, so our conversation got delayed for a lil’ bit. Part 2 will be posted soon.)


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