BoB Nominations: Whoop it Up

This makes me smile: Rainierisms’ three bloggers have all been nominated for the 2008-2009 Best of Blogging Awards!  I guess this is somewhat akin to conference loyalty (WOOO BIG TEN!), but I’d like to applaud my fellow gut-spillers, gltn (who’s busying MAPping) and glamourgirl (who’s taking the Twitterworld by storm) for their well-earned accolades!

I’ve been MIA the past few weeks, mainly due to sensory overload and attempting to fight off the random Ann Arbor weather changes (make up your mind, God!).  We’re in the home stretch of Winter B here, and then it’s off to Boston for the summer!


2 Responses to BoB Nominations: Whoop it Up

  1. JulyDream says:

    I just realized that I forgot YOUR shout-out!! So here it is… you’ve been awesome!!! Keep it up! 😀

  2. Caroline says:

    Hi M@, Gltn and Glamourgirl,

    Congratulations again on your respective nominations! An important element of the Best of Blogging Awards is having all the nominees participate in the voting process. To receive your BoB ballot please contact Ballots will need to be turned in by April 24th, so don’t delay!

    Congratulations and good luck!


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