Still A Hoosier At Heart

The truth about this semester is that you finally learn who people really are.  I mean, people say they come to Ross because people here are so nice, humble, inclusive, collaborative, etc., etc.  But now it’s interview season.  We’re all looking for internships, and this year especially, there are fewer of them to go around, yet there are the  same number of students here.

And it’s not that people are cutting each other’s throats.  Some people are relaxed, but intentional.  Some are really gunning.  Others are checking the interview schedule every couple of minutes, and others are throwing all classroom focus out the window as interviews come up.

You can also see what people are really interested in.  Some want the greatest number of interviews.  Still others are focused on their industry.  And a few are just networking like crazy and feeling a little behind.

But as I sit here watching IU thump the Wolverines on the hardwood, I realize I’m still a Hoosier at heart.  I really DID come to Ross for the reasons above.  And those are the reasons I’m not on some closed lists, and they will be the reasons I am on others.  (hopefully).

I remember m@ posting about learning last year to remember why he came here, and that lesson is sticking with me in my first year.  I came here to advance my career, provide for a family, and do good in the world.  And whether I get interviewed by company X or not has no bearing on that.  I’ll be fine, and this is just a step along the path.  In the end, it will be the right step.  It has to be.


One Response to Still A Hoosier At Heart

  1. Rachna says:

    Came to your website via clear admit. And loved what you have written here. I am in the process of applying to B-school (actually did not do anything in time and am applying to only one).
    Was heartened and touched to see what you have written here. I am not the cut-throat types at all- and that was what made me think twice about whether i should apply. Actually, even not very competetive.

    But lovvvvvvvvvvvvved what you say. Gives me hope and that maybe I can do well with an MBA too. Maybe will apply for next year.
    BTW, am a fellow Ann Arbor/ UMichite.. graduated from Architecture last year!

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