M8 :: In Reflection


Since 2005, I’ve determined that the best holiday gift I could ever give en masse was music. After all, I’d be the first to admit that I tend to live my life by a soundtrack: at any given moment, a song is roaming through my head to fit the spirit and place of my surroundings.

This year was a tumultuous one, but to offer a comparison to years past would cheapen its dynamics. Nevertheless, I hope this year’s annual compilation is a fitting reflection to the places and faces that have written a dynamic chapter in my life story.

Friends, I present to you M8: Two Worlds.

Download Here.

1. Rabbit and the Bear — Josh Garrels
2. Your Ex-Lover is Dead — Stars
3. 5 Years Time (Sun Sun Sun) — Noah and the Whale
4. Last Tango in Paradise — Goldfish
5. D.A.N.C.E. — Justice
6. In My Arms — Kylie Minogue
7. American Boy — Studio All-Stars
8. Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love — Coldplay
9. Hold on to Me — Armin van Buuren
10. Punkrocker (Featuring Iggy Pop) — Teddybears
11. All I Need — Radiohead
12. Body Language/Interpretation — Booka Shade
13. Green Light (Featuring André 3000) — John Legend
14. My Kind of Town — Frank Sinatra
15. Arrivals — Aqualung
16. Ára bátur — Sigur Rós


One Response to M8 :: In Reflection

  1. mattcrossman says:

    As the youth in the UK would say – ‘Whoop’. We heart Justice. Although I feel no TV on the Radio is an omission 🙂

    I look forward to downloading and listening on the Christmas Eve drive to the family homestead. It sure beats this


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