2008 :: A Year in Review, Abridged

Last year I decided to humor readers with a brief rundown of the highs and lows experienced during a whirlwind year.  Granted, since I’ve been sedentary this year (yeah, only visited one other continent), it may not be quite as exciting.  Regardless, you’re here and extremely bored — so let’s roll.  Here’s m@’s Best of 2008 (and I fully expect GLTN and glamourgirl to contribute theirs, hint hint….):

Best New Read: Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen.  This may have been the Year of the Increasingly High Stack of Books I’ve Been Asked to Read.

Best Song of the Year: PHEW, well….D.A.N.C.E. by Justice kept me entertained for many an all-nighters

Best Rockstar Crush: I’m not sure why this is tougher than last year — maybe it’s due to my inability to let go of that Canadian Vixen, but…

Okay. :: sigh :: This is in severe, SEVERE defiance of my hipster/non-traditional MBA persona, but….

Give the girl some credit — two kids, pretty sharp album (which I *fully* admit to downloading), and looking pretty good.  I should just defer to glamourgirl on this one. :

Best Moment: It wasn’t a terribly giddy moment, but getting to meet the Mayor of Chicago was quite humbling.  Being surrounded by some of the city’s most prominent executives made me realize how lucky I really am to be here

Best First-Semester Class: I really, really enjoyed Economics of Developing Countries with Dean Yang.  It basically vindicated my reasons for doing the duallie, and I developed a whole new respect for the challenges of creating economic solutions for the emerging space.

Best Cohort-Bonding Activity: I’d have to go with the Cedar Point trip with my fellow Fordies, although the multiple bar crawls had some leverage…

Best Road Trip: Spending 10 days with family in Livermore, California, renting a car and traipsing about the Bay Area, watching baseball games and eating sushi with good friends.  ’twas beautiful.  Oh, and Seattle in October, and Vegas in February…shootdang, I racked up a lot of miles this year. 🙂

Best Epiphany: [As stated by a classmate] “At first, I thought I had solved the whole issue of providing capital access to the poor…then I just realized it was the Red Bull talking.”

Best Cohort Experience: I’ve posted my thoughts on Election Night, but seeing the level of electricity across campus, especially in the Ford School, was….well, inspiring.  It was such a refreshing moment compared to the ho-hum viewing parties I had attended the previous two elections.

Best “Uh, What?” Moment: Having to ask my International Trade Policy professor how to calculate demand elasticity.  He looked at me funny; I bombed his exam.

Best Post-exam moment: Ashley’s and a pint of Delerium Tremens.

Best Surprise: Having a new sister-in-law.  Yeah, it’s not a terrible surprise, but my brother getting married certainly crept up on us. 🙂


One Response to 2008 :: A Year in Review, Abridged

  1. Suzanne says:

    Happy New Year! This post was great 🙂
    Thanks for listing us in your sidebar, and best of luck with your MBA this year!
    -Suzanne from Aspen BSP

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