Teh Awesum.


2 Responses to Teh Awesum.

  1. […] Those in their second, and final, years were a mix of professionalism and fun this week. Darden ‘09 Mandy attended a bike prom and shared her Twilight watching experience. McDonough ‘09 HairTwirler attended a Corporate Responsibility Symposium. And Ross ‘09 M@ shared a Ross Follies video. […]

  2. mandy says:

    i wanna i wanna i wanna! can i can i can i?
    oh wait, guess it’s limited to locals. ok. since i’m allergic to snow i will stay south of the masond-dixon.
    have fun. we’ll do our own brand of a lark, which may or may not include yours truly and her fellow pole-dancing classmates.
    you heard it here first.

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