It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been ’round the ol’ blog, and the world still keeps changing, whether or not I blog about it.

Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.  I did not vote for him, and I remain somewhat anxious about the policies he might put in place, but I join the chorus of conservatives who can say they are proud of their country.  I am happy for Mr. Obama and for the millions of people before him who sacrificed in the hope that a day like this would arrive.  My biggest hope for Obama’s presidency is that he proves himself worthy of the mantle placed upon him.  I sense that he realizes the importance of this moment, and I simply hope that he can make America proud as he wears the crown that so many have worked to fashion.

BusinessWeek released their MBA rankings today, and it looks like there was little change within the top 10.  Us Rossers, if pressed, would mostly admit we’re relieved not to see the ranking drop at BW as it has at other publications.  We all feel cramped and even annoyed as we wait to enter our new building, and it’s nice not to be marked for 2 more years simply because there’s not enough parking and conference space during construction.

The pace of this quarter can be appropriately labeled as “frantic,” with the understanding that the previous one and next one are probably six or seven steps above frantic.  Recruiting season is in full force, and I find myself reluctant to play the game.  I don’t like to schmooze at recruiting events, I don’t put on my game face to impress the consulting partners, and I don’t feel the need to practice a hundred cases for interview prep.  I understand that I need to respect the process, but I also feel like changing who I am for an interview can only serve to harm me in the future, as an employer finds out that the person they interviewed is not the employee who comes to work.   So I’m seeking my own balance in recruiting, but I’m a little nervous about all the reports of the bankers invading my consulting industry.

McKinsey sponsored a case competition for some of the strategy students, and I did NOT place.  In fact, in the feedback session, they had far more “areas to focus on” than “strengths” for me.  But I’m not deterred.  There are lots of companies out there, and things are going well.  As a friend told me recently, consulting recruiting is truly a meritocracy:  you get in on your merit, not on your connections.

Here’s hoping that it’s true.


2 Responses to Frantic

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  2. Hope to hear more from you about the recruiting process…best of luck!

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