The Cool, The Awesome, The Needs, and The Wants Autumn 08

10. Need: Tights. Who knew a simple purple day dress could turn into a cocktail dress by adding some black tights and a bracelet. Ladies tights are in and they can completely change an outfit by adding sophistication to an outfit. (I am talking plain tights not the crazy Cavalli ones.) So head to Target and purchase gray, black, navy, and purple tights for around $5 each.

9. Cool: 70s inspired music. I recently checked out the Kings of Leon album Only by the Night and Robin Thicke’s Something Else and I loved both of them. Cool music you can relax to while studying or working from home, entertaining the significant other, or for a gathering at home base. To keep it modern get T.I. Paper Trails which has great hooks and melodies- even those who don’t favor rap/hip-hop will be humming some of the tunes.

8. Need: Tuxedo Jacket. If there is truly one trend piece every woman needs this fall it is the Tuxedo Jacket. It was perfected by Yves Saint Laurent and I don’t know why it went away. This jacket truly goes with everything. Pair it with a dress and you are ready for happy hour. Put it on with some jeans and you have a great date look. Whatever you buy this autumn please don’t forget the Tuxedo Jacket.

7. Awesome: Pumpkin. The best thing about fall is that Pumpkins are in season. I truly splurge on my pumpkin. Weekly Starbucks runs for Pumpkin Spice Lattes (nonfat of course), pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cheesecake, I even have Pumpkin conditioner from SexyHair. And for those who like to drink Pumpkin Ale is available at your local Trader Joe’s.

6. Cool: TrueBlood. TrueBlood is an HBO series based on the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse series and is a must see. This show honestly makes Vampires extremely sexy. You got Fangbangers, shape shifters, and Sookie’s best friend’s cousin Lafayette dealing V which is better than Ecstasy, all wrapped up in a small Lousiana town. I promise just look at one episode and you will be hooked for life.

5. Need: Boots. Boots in all color and sizes. Shoe boots, such as Chloe and Guiseppe Zanotti pictured above, are in. Ladies get a pair of shoe, calves, and knee-high, and for those who dare thigh high boots. Don’t just go for the basic black definitely look for patent leather, purple, gray, and blue. Be daring with your boots they will spice up any outfit.

4. Want: Fendi Cocktail Dress. I have given you the tights, the boots, and now I finish the outfit with the Fendi cocktail dress. This dress is on and I fell in love with it immediately. It is classically cut in the front but then the back is completely open to allow some clear sexiness. Pair this dress with black or purple tights and the Guiseppe Zanotti shoes and you are ready for a holiday party and dancing at the club. I haven’t stopped dreaming about this outfit since I found it. But even I don’t have the dough to spend on this dress now ($1200 on sale) so for 1/6th the price I offer the fun Anna Sui dress. Again just pair some tights and shoe boots and you have a fantastic holiday outfit.

3. Cool: Power Suit Male Dolce & Gabbana. While living in Italy I learned to appreciate a man in a suit. They always caught my eye first while ordering my morning cappuccino or during aperitivi (Italian happy hour) I wanted to know more about the men in the suits. This suit is tailored well and for those of you who want to go into those power positions in real estate and banking trust me your client sees you in a well made suit they will pay more attention to what you have to offer.

2. Want: Spring 09′ Donna Karan dress. I think the fashion in fall is top of the line out of all the seasons, but sometimes all that layering is bothersome and there are a lot more fat days. So to stay in the gym this fall I am looking forward to this draped Donna Karan dress which clearly tells me the legs need to be toned. Don’t you just love the subtle sexiness of this dress?

1. Awesome: President Obama. I cried when MSNBC declared Obama the President elect. I never thought in my lifetime a black man would be President of the US, and I am not old. I am clearly pleased with America these days and look forward to what this country will become in the next four years.

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One Response to The Cool, The Awesome, The Needs, and The Wants Autumn 08

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m very glad that M@ is including you on his blog-yay for fashion commentary! I agree that the tights are a definite need and I can never get enough boots, although I am searching for the perfect pair of flat boots right now.

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