The GMAT’s dirty little secret–EXPOSED!

As I sat in the Career Services workshop a few weeks ago, I wasn’t surprised to hear the presenter recommend that we include our GMAT scores on our Ross resume for recruiting…”but only if it’s 700 or above.”

What’s that you say?!  Why would I need my GMAT on my resume?  Didn’t I already get accepted into bschool?

Well, yes.  But school is just a means to an end, right?

The only reason I wasn’t surprised is because a student had forewarned me of this little GMAT secret when I visited Ross for Go Blue! Rendezvous in April.  He told me that recruiters for some industries, especially consulting and investment banking (For the kiddies, that’s an industry from the past, where people would move to New York City after getting their MBAs and play Monopoly all day, only with real money), shamelessly use your GMAT as an evaluation criterion for determining whom to interview for internships and full time positions.

So a quick word of advice to all of you prospective students out there–be aware that your GMAT counts way beyond your b-school application!  If you are considering going into consulting or banking, then do your best on the test!

Also remember that a GMAT of 790 won’t get you in to any school whatsoever if the rest of your application isn’t up to snuff.  Keep everything balanced, but just don’t think your GMAT score is behind you if you get your acceptance letter!

Good luck to all the applicants in R1!



3 Responses to The GMAT’s dirty little secret–EXPOSED!

  1. MaybeMBA says:

    yeah – I was thinking of mentioning this in a recent post. I had no idea the GMAT would continue to haunt me past my applicatnt days. As I’ve learned it can make a big difference in whether you receive a merit scholarship at the GSB and employers definitely use it as a screening device. (Many have online applications where you are required to report your scores even if you have eluded putting it on your resume.) I find this depressing, personally 😦

  2. Jon says:

    Sound Advice! Also the number is consistent with everything I have read so far.


  3. mechanigal says:

    Tell me about it! I’m a sub-700 looking to get into consulting… and I thought I’d hit jackpot when Darden admitted me 😦 Obviously, my score isn’t going on the resume.

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