Well, ’tis been a busy time here th’ past wee tides, what wi’ watchin’ me social life take an aft seat t’ buckets o’ pages o’ Policy readings PER TIDE an’ gettin’ acquainted wi’ th’ new first-voyages (such as GLTN here). Everything`s arrr aft on th’ homeport fore, so thanks fer yer concern — ’tis a good time t’ be here (on accoun’ o’, ya know, thar`s nay better place t’ ignore Wall Street`s spontaneous combustion than in th’ friendly ivory tower o’ academia. 🙂 )

(p.s. Yarr.



  1. Rebecca says:

    Yeah, I knew you would have fun with Talk Like A Pirate Day. Some things never change.


  2. mattcrossman says:

    A joke, as related to me by a 7 year old of my acquaintance:

    “Why are pirates pirates?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “Cause they ARRRRRRRRRRR!”

    cue ROTFL

  3. […] Darden student, Mandy learned a life lesson. The Ross ‘09 and ‘10 guys at Rainierisms talked like pirates. Chicago ‘09 MaybeMBA was actually excited about the upcoming recruiting […]

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