Finally what?

Finally a Wolverine football victory vs. Miami of O? (GO BLUE!)

Finally I show up and actually write?

Finally I get some sleep after the frat next door turns off their music at 4:00 am?

Nope Nope Nope.  The real FINALLY here is that after M-Trek in the Virgin Islands, the Ross Leadership Initiative Foundation Session, which included team-building, innovation, section bonding time, and a hearty loss at Grill for Glory; after a week of classes and MBA Games, I have FINALLY started to become a part of this class, of my section, and of the Ross School of Business!

See, I’ve always been an introvert.  I much prefer being alone to being, um, unalone.  Once, during the first week of RLI, I even found myself walking into a bar for a section happy hour, and realizing I didn’t immediately recognize

Go Section 3!

anybody, just turned around and walked right back out and spent the night at home.  Introversion, social anxiety, call it whatever you want, but the result is that I wasn’t growing together with my classmates.  After I skipped the Shout Off (section cheer competition) on Thursday night, I saw an M-Trek buddy at happy hour, who gently encouraged me to, “get my head out of my ass.”  And I’m happy to report that I did just that.  MBA games Friday was a great experience, and even though we got trounced at every sport I participated in (weakest link, goodbye), I FINALLY started to get to know my section and some other classmates.  I went on assault on names, and unashemedly asked everyone left whose name I didn’t know to tell me what it was, dammit.

Not to say I’ve been having a bad time.  The blur of Aug 5 – Sept 5 has been a ton of fun, and I’ll spare you any further words and just prove it with some images.  Cheers!

My first game at the Big House!

My first game at the Big House!

We do our foosball games right 'round here!

We do our foosball games right

Some virgins are better left that way.

Some virgins are better left that way.


One Response to FINALLY!!!

  1. Oren says:

    Congratulations for getting your head out of your ass. I’m an introvert myself. I know how difficult it can get.

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