A million faces, and they rocked them all

m@’s been buggin’ me to post since we joined forces here at Rainierisms.  Let’s get down to biz-nass.

Foist, moving to Ann Arbor Wednesday.  Note to all prospective MBAs: start minimizing now. Not having had the public school experience during undergrad, I didn’t realize that many of the apartments in Ann Arbor would be furnished.  I’ve been spending the past 3 years filling up my townhouse in Indianapolis, and now I have to move all this stuff, sell it, toss it, burn it, or give it.  I could have started this a year ago and really gotten rid of most of the stuff I don’t need.

To top off Best Summer Ever ’08,’ I’ve been away for a few days at Lollapalooza to see this kuh-ray-ziness:

Note to prospective MBAs #2:  I expect that even Rage’s rad show at lolla won’t compare to M-Trek next week as I take a 40-foot yacht to the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Did I say I’m in love with Ross yet?

In other news, the last few days before school are hitting hard.  I may have underestimated the time it would take to:

  • arrange a moving truck
  • pack
  • say goodbye to my friends/throw raucous party
  • buy health insurance
  • change my address
  • get my apartment ready
  • pack
  • clean my house
  • disconnect my cable, etc.
  • arrange the rental agreement with my tenants
  • take the communications waiver exam
  • finalize mtrek plans
  • pack

So anyway, I’m glad to be here @ Rainierisms, and I hope you’ll all stay tuned as m@ and I try to bring you comprehensive coverage of Ross 2008-2009.


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  1. […] math camp and buying textbooks. Ross ‘10 Gltnforpnshmt considered the possibility that he left too many elements of his move to Ann Arbor to the last minute and believed that his Lollapalooza experience would pale in comparison to his upcoming M-Trek. LBS […]

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