As I mentioned oh-so-astutely months ago, Rainierisms is always looking for opportunities to toe the line between modernity and outright tomfoolery.  While sitting at my desk a few days ago, pondering the sunshine and my inept social life all at the same time, the idea hit me:

Rainierisms needs to assimilate someone.  Like, now.

Welcome: GLTNFORPNSHMT,  also known as AD, incoming Rosser.  This strapping young-ish lad excels in the Keysi Fighting Method and driving trucks.  In other words, he’s the quintessential Ross student.

and….uh oh.  We can’t reveal too many secrets for now, but we might be adding a third blogger to the fray.  Details coming soon…as well as some MAJOR changes.

Whew, I feel like I just got a pumice scrub or something!


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