Strange Bedfellows: A Look Inside Rainierisms

I’m not really one to harp on the operational issues surrounding Rainierisms (despite the fact that readership is down year-on-year; must be gas prices), especially since I run this in my free time.  I have no advertisers to please, so I could TOTALLY change the theme of this blog to “Cats Being Stuffed Into Random Places”…


But it IS interesting to see the type of Google searches that bring R’isms into the fray; I alluded to this waaaaay back in the day when I a) didn’t have a skool to call home and b) was bored stiff at work six of the eight hours I was there.  So I keep track of this once in a while and discovered that some interesting posts topped the viewables chart…

Title Views
Because Every School Has Its Secrets… 731 More stats
Waitlist Victory Part 1 284 More stats
Excuse Me While I Saw Off An Armrest 247 More stats
Uh Uh, You Can’t Has Cheezeburger 213 More stats
Well, At Least They Didn’t Get It After 192 More stats

…all these can be viewed simply by looking thru the archives, BTW.  What caught my eye was the HUGE disparity between #1 and #2 (although, I shouldn’t say “huge”: 731 is the number of views the Tagalog Google Translator gets in a single hour, I bet — this is TOTAL PAGE VIEWS EVEREVEREVER  [Update: Google Translator doesn’t even SUPPORT Tagalog!]).

But what possible reason could the “Secrets” post have for its high hit count?  The answer comes down to the oh-so-handy “What people are searching for while they inadvertently stumble upon your site” tool.  Let’s see ’em:

Search Views
ann coulter 371
lion 98
denver international airport 93
mountain lion 88
mt st helens 57
tornado clouds 56
peanuts christmas 52

:: GASP ::

If only I could give a penny to switch around Ann Coulter with the Peanuts thing…


3 Responses to Strange Bedfellows: A Look Inside Rainierisms

  1. JulyDream says:

    Ok… quite entertaining! Not sure if the cat shoved in the box is the cause or my deliriousness as a result of jetlag. 🙂

  2. Oren says:

    I vote for the jetlag.

  3. […] in addition the their internships. Ross student, M@ considered changing the name of his blog to “Cats Being Stuffed Into Random Places”. Stuart was one step closer to making oodles of money. And Mandy promised her mother that she would […]

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