Yar Har Har, I’ve Fooled ‘Em So Far!

Sooooo, nothing like this has happened yet at my job, which means I’ve been doing quite well in masking my own inability to lurn:

I think they’ll catch on at some point.

In the meantime, let’s look back at the process that got me here in the first place.  Since this happens to be the Year of The Full Circle Comerers™, add another one to the list:

The Managing Partner at one of my target post-graduation firms happens to be on the board of my non-profit.  I bumped into him tonight at a seminar of which he was a panelist.  After exchanging pleasantries he mentioned that he’d be at our upcoming board meeting (at which I’ll also get to meet Mayor Daley, yeesh).

What are we gonna discuss?  Oh yeah, that office in Johannesburg he helped start.

Talk about Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Robot Consulting Firm uh…networking.  Yeah.  More to come from the City as it develops…

(P.S.  Coming Soon: m@ has an affair with his ClearAdmit-supplied Kindle.)


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