Wait, m@, I Thought MAP was Over!

…so did I, but I forgot about that one little caveat: MAP is a class, and classes gets grades.

Last Wednesday I was awoken from my “Yay, no Ross for a Summer!” bliss with a “Faculty Feedback Report” email, which ended up being somewhat stinging of our efforts. No matter, I figured, as I’m sure every team got some blatant honesty with a dash of “Great Jorb!” attached.  Well, Wolverine Access tells a different story, and we essentially got a grade that any grad student will explain as “something that they give out simply because they’re not allowed to fail you due to the threat of lawsuits…or random bee attacks.”

Bitter?  Thoroughly.  Although I still realize wholeheartedly that GDM*, such a grade indicates to me that both our faculty advisors and our sponsor didn’t think our work was effective.  Figuring we spent five weeks onsite and another two back in Ann Arbor really busting our chops to produce something, I’m left with this really empty feeling after such an endeavor.  I almost feel like there’s this massive disconnect between what I know I accomplished, both personally and professionally, alongside my team and what an outside observer believes we accomplished.

After all, MAP is a topic of discussion in approximately 97.76% of all applicant essays.  It’s plastered all over our brochures, discussed in Blogs everywhere, and (shhh….) reviled by second-year students for the effect it has on personal relationships with your classmates.  It really is, in essence, a seven-week concentrated shot of b-skool.  And at the moment, with a shoddy grade and some friendships ruptured, I wonder if I’m going to emerge from this three-year experiment with the same putrid taste in my mouth that I have right now.

(*”Grades Don’t Matter”, the all-too-common mantra Ross students bellow when otherwise feeling like crap about oneself for failing an exam)


2 Responses to Wait, m@, I Thought MAP was Over!

  1. MaybeMBA says:

    I hear ya! Feeling very “grades don’t matter” after my recent mid-terms … and luckily, they don’t! 🙂 But it still stinks, especially if it’s somewhat subjective. But I am so envious that you’re done with your year. I need some summer vacation in a big way.

  2. Hairtwirler says:

    That sucks. But summertime will be full of a lack of grades and grateful non-profits, right?

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