Jamaica Part One…er, Really?!?!

When I told my friends I’d be heading to Jamaica, the typical response was “Yeah, mon!  Have a nice time on the beach!”  Well, it’s been five days and the closest I’ve gotten to the beach was the river in which I washed my clothes yesterday.  Sorry to let you down.

I have about seven pages of journal notes compiled over the past few days, some due to the incredibly saturated experience I’ve been having, but even more attributed to the lack of anything else to do but read, sleep, and type.  More to come when I’m not frantically trying to book a flight, find an apartment, and write lovey-dovey ‘i miss you’ emails to special someones.

Oh, and that BoB thing: wow, cool. 🙂  I didn’t realize I was that entertaining!  Definitely appreciated, humbled, etc. etc.  and I hope I can keep on providing the same content I have all along (in other words, I ain’t gonna go all Tom Brady and let the fame get to my head.  I still operate on the league minimum.)

So what am I gonna get?  I already have an iPod that suits me just fine, so the Amazon gift certificate will be used as a down payment for this puppy.  I’ve been salivating over it for months now.


2 Responses to Jamaica Part One…er, Really?!?!

  1. JulyDream says:

    Haha! I’ve totally been going back and forth about what I want… I think I’m leaning towards the Amazon cert myself, however, NO IDEA what the heck I’m going to purchase with it. Perhaps some necessities for school. 🙂

  2. MaybeMBA says:

    Yeah, if I knew an ipod/amazon$ would be involved – I would have blogged a little harder! 😉 Congrats!

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