Beginning of the…Beginning

I made a comment last night while several of us dined on my homemade, swiss cheese lasagna. I don’t remember the exact words, whether a byproduct of my short-term memory or a side effect of the freely-flowing Gewuerztraminer; all I remember was that it had some elements dealing with Ann Arbor and spring and damn awesome. Seriously, nobody should ever have a reason to frown on a perfect April afternoon in this place.

In less than a week, the MBA2s will graduate, and suddenly half of the people with whom I’ve shared stories of triumph and utter heartache will vanish to a diverse list of locations — my roommate is expected to summit Kilimanjaro at some point in July, while others plan on randomly bumping into each other while traipsing about Thailand. I’ll be nestled away in my Chicago office in between trips to Mars’ Cheese Castle, Cubs games, BYOB events, and cycling trips along the Lakefront. Everyone’s in for a bit of movement this summer.

It’s bittersweet, really. All of a sudden, I will be one of those people I viewed as a paragon only eight months ago, wondering how on God’s green earth they were able to survive the first year, land incredible summer jobs, and literally convince themselves that grades really don’t matter. Granted, I’ll be spending a good 70 percent of my time in a completely different program, but it still begs for some sort of reflection on how I will be a servant to those that will arrive on campus in August. Honesty, it seems, makes the most sense.

In a lot of ways, this first year offered a multitude of opportunities to become a leader — many of which were genuine, some manufactured, but all enriching. I even see glimpses of my MAP rubbing off on how I approach friendships and projects; clearly, I’ve been brainwashed. 🙂 But I know the second year will mark the commencement of real leadership: how do we all handle it when half of us are returning to our summer employer, planning our post-graduation trips, and are essentially on the downswing of this grand experiment?

I’ll kind of be an outsider to it all as I view the madness from my oh-so-humble Public Policy perch…which makes me both relieved and jealous all at the same time.


2 Responses to Beginning of the…Beginning

  1. mandy lozano says:

    mad props on being photographed with a pabst-oriented t-shirt. who says mbas are serious?

  2. mandy lozano says:

    and p.s.: high five for a fellow pacnw-er. not that i’m returning or anything…but nevertheless way to keep it real and escape from behind the emerald curtain. shopping at rei is only so exciting.

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