BoB Nomination: YEEEEARGH!

(Editor’s Note: Rainierisms is fully aware that September 19th is the officially-recognized “Talk Like a Pirate” Day, but we figured this special occasion called for a bit of early celebration.)

I appreciate th’ recent honor bestowed upon me by Clear Admit in th’ aptly-named competition fer Best Student Blogger. I hereby rescind any an’ all negative comments directed at me heartys at spake Blog an’ hope that ye, dear reader, will nay take such injustices into account durin’ yer evaluation. Yearrgh. Fish sticks and butter.

Oh, an’ I be aft from South Africa wi’ jetlag an’ a ragin’ case o’ acute contemplation. I be victorious an’ claim me booty!


3 Responses to BoB Nomination: YEEEEARGH!

  1. iday says:

    M@, just thought i would extend my good wishes on the BoB nomination and a great year of blogging. Hope you are enjoying your Bschool days. Cheers.

  2. Clear Admit says:

    Hi M@ –

    Congratulations on your nomination! By design, the BoB results are based largely on the input of the nominees themselves, so we’d would love to have your opinion as we compile the ranking. To receive a BoB ballot via email, simply contact us at with your address.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Elizabeth Bright says:

    I thought no one else knew about Talk like a Pirate Day (I even have a hat)!

    I enjoy reading about your travels and all the things you learn. Sounds like a very rewarding experience, despite or becase of the trials and tribulations attached.

    Take care and keep on writing.


    PS – What’s a pirate’s favorite color? Aaaaarrrrnge.

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