zzzzzzzz….. HUH?

So Spring Break was definitely a break, but totally UNlike Holiday Break.  I always expected breaks to incorporate copious amounts of naps.  Nope, not this one.

I blame myself, really.  I mean, it was me that decided to hop back three time zones and be seen in random Vegas casinos at 3:42am (that’s, uh, like 7am EASTERN time…sheesh, I’m not getting any older), followed by a red-eye to Puerto Rico (another locale in which three hours of sleep was the norm…crazed classmates forcing me to play!)

So, here we are settling into MAP week , which includes such fun activities as meeting with advisors, attending kickoff sessions (“you won’t have a crappy project!”), international travel orientation (“Don’t get shot!”), and immunization appointments (I find it hilarious that there’s such a disease as “Traveler’s Diarrhea”.  If I can survive Mexico for three months without shooting fire out of my orifices then I’ll be fine [sorry about the mental image]).

Anyway, my team leaves on Sunday for South Africa, and it’s a bit surreal.  We’ve been bombarded with conference calls, planning forms, and assurances that we’re under the micro[soft]scope (that was a pun, get it?!).  More to come after I take a frickin’ nap.


One Response to zzzzzzzz….. HUH?

  1. JulyDream says:

    Haha. Always need a vacation from the vacation. Have fun in South Africa… I’m hoping to visit in 2010 for the WORLD CUP! 😀

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