OK, another offer on the table.  Let’s summarize (and advice is welcome):

OPTION 1: Small (but highly reputable) operations consulting firm in NYC, DC, or Chicago.  Ranked in the top 5 of Consulting Magazine’s best places to work, #1 in supervisor relationships and #4 in satisfaction by Vault magazine.  Highest pay of the lot.

OPTION 2: Somewhat larger consulting firm based in Chicago, not as reputable as #1 but full of energetic, exciting people.  Working in higher education consulting practice.  Pay is good.

OPTION 3: Working with a non-profit consulting firm in Chicago — very small firm that works on pro bono projects with the major firms in the city of Chicago.  Every staff member is a former senior consultant or partner at said major firms.  Focuses entirely on public sector projects (ex. transportation, economic development, etc.)  Since it’s a non-profit, the pay isn’t too hot (but it’s something).

Wow.  Three amazing options and I don’t even know where to start.  Who would have thought that I’d be in this predicament only two weeks ago?


3 Responses to UPDATE: Oh Man

  1. JulyDream says:

    Congrats!! There are many things to consider in this situation! First, what matches your longterm goal most? Second, I bet I’m in the minority here and I do believe money isn’t everything, but seeing I’m sure you just spent a mini fortune on b-school, pay is a factor. Not at the cost of your happiness of course, but I’ve always figured I’d work and make some money after school then help the nonprofits either via volunteer work or donation. Also, where are you most comfortable (if you can gauge that)? The stature of the firm may help you down the line, but so will your MBA, so I don’t think that should be much of a consideration. Though the happiness of a companies’ employees definitely should be. Finally, where do you want to live? Is Chicago your first choice or just a choice as that is where the majority of the job offers lie? Personally, I love NY and thought it’d be a great place for 2 years. I’ve also been spending a lot of time in DC and it’s amazing. I’ve never spent much time in Chi-town, but know, it’s COLD! Of course, it may be warmer than Ann Arbor. 😉

    Good luck with your decision. This is a good problem to have. 🙂

  2. Deadhedge says:

    Agree with the post above that pay doesn’t really matter. You’re not going to get rich with your summer internship.

    Also, after 5 years, you will be removing the summer internship from your resume so don’t get too caught up in the name.

    Big things to look for are:
    1. Where do you have the best chance of getting a full-time offer after the internship is done? Assuming that you like all of them, it’s really helpful to have an offer. That’s ultimately the name of the game.
    2. Who will you be your manager/mentor? Since you only have 3 months, that is key. That person can make or break your internship.
    3. Career switching- but they all seem to be in consulting so that doesn’t matter.

    Option #3 seems a little too loose with little opportunity for full-time employment. Yes, you’ll get a good network but you have lots of networking opportunities at b-school. Projects in #3 might be hit or miss.

  3. […] the first-year camp, Ross’ M@ was faced with a similar conundrum: Piling a third consulting internship offer atop two previous prospects, it’s time for him to pick the best and ditch the rest.  Anand was […]

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