That Stings.

I was sitting at a computer during my World Economy class break yesterday when Holly walked past; she’s done with the recruiting process with a couple of offers in hand. I have zero.

My interview that morning went fine…I say fine because, well, it could have been much worse. But it was also with the firm I had clearly recruited heaviest — I spoke with at least a dozen current employees, several former employees (including six of my classmates), and was notified prior to their on-campus session that I was on their target list.

Anyway, Holly and I came to this conclusion based on our current state of affairs company-wise: you seem to burst through at the places you don’t think you want to be. I have some more interviews coming up with firms I never expected to be targeting when I started this whole process, several of whom offer just as fantastic of a summer experience as the heavy hitters on campus but don’t have the same “OHMIGOD” reputation as their competitors.

It reminds me a lot of my application process: Ross came through as a dark horse for me, particularly because I convinced myself that it was Haas or nothing throughout the process (even after the Duke admit). It’s sort of odd how we train our minds to wrap around a single dream, then we start forming the landscape around it and decide that there’s only that single mental image that will whet your appetite.

Anyway, that company called me with a rejection last night. And I didn’t get into Haas.

But I do know that the latter experience, although one of the most painful moments of 2007, was the singular major event that kept Ross on my list. And we don’t need to reiterate how this experience has been the best of my life (despite having zero offers so far…meh, jobs!)

Several weeks ago, in the midst of a turbulent recruiting week, I mentioned that “something good will come of all this”. I sit here today still hoping for that inevitable truth to materialize, knowing that our darkest periods are only small delays to a bright-shining light.


2 Responses to That Stings.

  1. chin up, big guy. something will break forth.

  2. ARS says:

    I’ve been reading your blog a little bit here and there when I have time – and have really enjoyed it. I am a former Peace Corps Volunteer – AND – I have been waitlisted at MSU. I laughed when I read a post from your waitlist experince about the temptation of the Peace Corps during that lull.. as i’m currently there, but with the Peace Corps exodus/experience already behind me.

    Anyway – don’t sweat the small stuff. Obviously you’ve got the fire and the core values that will be attractive to many corporations and companies. I’ve always found that in those times of darkness you bounce and come out on a level that you haven’t been at before… take some comfort in that… I share your self doubt and reflection right now as I wait to be admitted to the Broad program, but in the back of my mind I take comfort in the fact that it will all work out…
    Keep the blogs coming – as a potential first year I think you’re painting a pretty accurate picture of the trials and tribulations of the whole experience. I’ve enjoyed it.

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