Phew, Wow, Well Uh, Okay!

Alright, I’ll stop being this melodramatic turd — things aren’t THAT bad on the recruiting front.  I just got called back for 2nd rounds after a FANTASTIC discussion with a Director on Friday.  Problem is, they wanted to schedule it the same day as another firm’s 1st round (which I have) and my NEW target firm’s 2nd round (which, uh, I don’t have).

Funny how recruiting turned me into a whiney six year-old that didn’t get the pony. 🙂


3 Responses to Phew, Wow, Well Uh, Okay!

  1. JulyDream says:

    Ha. I like the analogy, very entertaining. Best of luck! Hope all works out. 😀

  2. good luck, speedy con pollo!

  3. Hairtwirler says:

    Hi- can I pick your brain about non-profit management/ consulting type things when you have a spare breath? Email me- send me a comment if you can’t see my email. I don’t know how wordpress works…
    P.S. MBASalsera says she has retired from MBA blogging although I keep trying to drag her back!

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