Setbacks, Oh They Happen

I guess I expected myself to be immune to a lot of things when I arrived at business school, especially the concept of being told ‘no’. Obviously, this daydream was a bit too idealistic; I was able to approach my application season with a dash of reality mixed in with some optimism.

The interview schedule just got released for one of my target firms’ internship recruiting, and I wasn’t on it even after bidding for a spot. Discouraged? Hell yes. But the sting is probably a bit tempered by a few pieces of info I’ve convinced myself of:

1. It’s only ten weeks. I mean, I’m going to be doing a seven-week MAP, THEN going to Jamaica to advise a non-profit for five. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be getting some pretty good experiences this summer…

2. Hey, the companies still love Ross. It’s not as if they’re going to suddenly decide that Ross is not worth their time; they’ll be coming back for full-time slots next year. All I need to do is keep in touch with the recruiters, talk to some more associates/Ross alums, and I’ll be okay, offer or not.

3. Oh yeah, that whole “dual degree thing”…In case I didn’t convey this yet: I’m getting a dual degree. My application to the Public Policy program is in the mail, and with a historical 100% admit rate for MBAs looking to pursue an MPP, I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending an extra year in Ann Arbor. That means: an extra summer internship! 🙂 Several firms actually recruit from the Ford School; moreover, though, I’ll have a great understanding of how the consulting recruiting process works. Despite the stress, this only makes me more prepared for next year.

::P.S. there’s lightning in Ann Arbor. IN JANUARY!! ::

So. One dent in the armor; all I can do is shake it off and press on. I’m too busy to mope.


3 Responses to Setbacks, Oh They Happen

  1. Elizabeth Bright says:

    Hey Matt –

    I know that you will be very valuable (indispensable, really) for whichever company is lucky enough to hire you. Nice to see you over the holiday.

    I believe in you!!!

    Elizabeth Bright

  2. JulyDream says:

    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do great things. Keep your head up and think positive. If you have the dedication, you’ll get there. … Plus, hanging out in Jamaica doesn’t sound half bad. You can always work on a more practical job later. 😀

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