2007 :: A Year In Review, Abridged

Ahh, Christmas time.

We got a slight dusting of snow up here last night at the parents’ house, an occurrence we always hoped for as kids (so Santa wouldn’t have to put wheels on his sleigh).  Today, some of us are simply relaxing, taking in the smell of dad’s pot roast cooking in the kitchen while watching HBO and nibbling on the neighbor’s gift basket of chocolate goodies.

Since the rest of the family’s zoned out, I thought I’d take a few moments and provide you, dear readers, with a recap of the past twelve months…without further ado, I present Rainierisms’ Best of 2007:

Best New Read:  Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. Runner-up?  Easy: My Strategy 502 Coursepack.

Best Song of the Year: Aqualung, “Pressure Suit”. (It’s located on M7 in case you want to take a listen.)

Best Rockstar Crush:  Feist.

Best Moment: Let’s think about this one. 🙂

Best First-Semester Class: This was a toughie, but I’m gonna have to go with Finance.  Although Corporate Strategy was solid and struck a healthy fear into my heart, Professor Bharath did an incredible job in making me want to take even MORE finance courses.

Best Cohort-Bonding Weekend Activity: Rock n’ Roll B-School!

Best Road Trip: Nashville for the annual Net Impact Conference

Best Prospective Student Experience:  I got to take ’em to Karaoke night at Circus bar!

Best Section Experience: A large portion of our section had participated in McKinsey’s case competition during the week; one of our classmates had advanced to the final round.  When our section leader announced her achievement we all gave her a strong ovation…ah, I love my section. 🙂

Best “Uh, What?” Moment: 

Professor Karnani: “So here we have a diagram of the interactions between the banks in this case. (Note: it’s clearly a conglomerate.)  Can anyone tell me what this is indicative of?”
Me: (Noticing the arrows pointing toward one another) “Um, synergeeeeeee?”
(Class erupts in laughter)

Best Post-exam moment: Sitting at Pizza House for three hours with my classmates, drinking Bloody Marys and reminiscing on the whirlwind 14 weeks we just endured.

Best Surprise: Getting good grades.  I guess I’m not gonna fail after all. 🙂

…there’s more Bests, of course, but we’ll save those for 2008.  To you and yours, have a happy holiday season!


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