This Ain’t 2.25 Credits! I Stop Working Now!

The MBA1s on the Consulting Club listserv got an interesting email from the Marketing Club Co-Prezzies today. Let me sum it up for you in a few short blurbs:

— Marketing ain’t such a bad job!
— You have a better chance of dating a BBA than getting a consulting internship!
— We have jobs! jobs jobs jobs!

They’re brutally honest here; about a third of us that are aiming to do consulting this summer will actually get a consulting internship. The Horror! This has brought an interesting palate of responses, some ranging from rational (“I wonder if HBS folks have to deal with this…curses!”) to mildly obscene (“Welp, looks like I’m going to need to practice 3,212 cases before my interviews…sleep was SO overrated anyway…”).

So obviously, someone got clever and realized that stuffing the remaining 66.7% of us poor saps in the new building’s unfinished winter garden wasn’t conducive to “Action-Based Learning”.

They decided to insert, oh so subtly, the concept of backup plans.  Fair, but I really do believe that this has the same effect as attempting to steal a three year-old’s favorite blankie — it makes us really quite uncomfortable to think that all this cash we’re spending doesn’t guarantee a ten-week gig at [big consulting firm Name Redacted].

I’m the first to admit: I definitely belong to this school of thought.  And it’s tough to shake — I guess I see some of the other opportunities and say “meh”.  Marketing, it’s cool, and I definitely am a visual person (duh), but…it’s not my bag.  Investment banking, financial services…again, cool opportunities, but there’s the fact that everyone else vying for these jobs have a two-month head start (and I’m busy attempting to pass my finance class, thankya. 🙂 ).

One bright, shining star has emerged, however.  “Staying at home with the parents?!”  YES!…er, um.  NO.  WDI has some super opportunities to spend the summer in an emerging market to work on a specific business plan…several colleagues who went last year had great experiences, despite the pay being just enough to get by.

Pish-posh.  Who needs money anyway?

So, the search is ramping up, people are getting stressed, and for some odd reason I’m able to contain my trepidation about what will transpire over the next couple of months.  Despite what my mind tells me at times, life doesn’t revolve around working for a big 3 firm.  And frankly, they wouldn’t want me to revolve around them anyway.


2 Responses to This Ain’t 2.25 Credits! I Stop Working Now!

  1. soon2b says:

    Hey, I’m applying to Ross right now…I’ve done more strategy work (2.5 yrs) than banking (.5 yrs) and would be happier in a corporate strategy position at Amex or brand management position at Colgate…my question to you, and please try to respond, does Ross have good recruiting contacts w/ east coast brand management or financial service companies (again, not I-Banking)?????

    Also, what’s the social scene like….i’m coming from NY but spent 4 years in Charlottesville. I definitely like cities more than towns…should be scared?

  2. m@ says:

    Hi soon,

    Answers to your questions:

    1. Yes, yes. VERY strong contacts at both CPGs and east coast banking institutions (I assume you’re talking about the folks like AMEX, Citi, etc.) abound. Not only do they com on campus but they also invite a lot of students out for company visits. You’d be more than okay here.

    2. Scared of Ann Arbor? Noooooo way. 🙂 All the New Yorkers (and Charlottesvillers) here love A2. Your b-school social experience will be far more collegial than you’d have in NYC.

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