Mediocrity in the Midst of Geniuses is STILL Mediocrity!

This might be my mantra at this stage…granted, it’s only three weeks into my first term, but I’m consistently under-performing in all my classes.

And that’s not just modesty.  I’m really hitting below the belt (belt=mean) on these, and despite the fact that everyone in this wee cohort (“oh, so it’s a cohort now, hmm?  What happened to “esteemed colleagues” or “home skillets?””) is pretty much an overachieving cyborg (except me), I don’t like being average in anything.  Meh, nobody does.

Its a wake-up call, for sure, although at this point I really can’t conjure up any way I can improve on things, unless it means, er, not doing school anymore.  I literally asked an MBA2 if it was possible for me to just drop all my classes and just focus on extra-curriculars (the list of involvement gets larger, by the way).

His response? “Of course!  Welcome to Ross!”  I’m holding him to his word.


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