This Is The Sound of My Body Trudging Along The Pit of Despair…::glurg glurg::

Well, when the MBA2’s told me that Fall A would be devoid of sleep, they weren’t fibbing.

Week one of classes is over, and let me recap!

— Our football team lost.  AGAIN.
— Corporate presentations started  tonight.  It feels good to be wanted. 🙂
— I just attended the BoP Conference, which afforded the opportunity to rub elbows with the world leaders in the field (including C.K., my homeboy).
— I met with a half-dozen representatives from multiple locations around the globe to discuss a potential self-directed internship in Africa next summer.  Maybe I’m just trying to avoid the recruiting crunch, who knows…
— I’m still sore from Friday’s MBA Games.  Who knew that ultimate frisbee in the rain was so violent?  And that MBA students were so competitive?  Psh!

That said, this morning’s Strategy Class with Prof. Karnani (whom, by the way, is one of Prahalad’s biggest critics, how about that!) was no opportunity to doze off for some sweet pre-Accounting solace.  No, the case method is brought into full effect in this one, and if you’re not on your game, you will PAY.  I LOVE it.

Off for some last-minute reading, then it’s econ in the mornin’.  The next few days will have some surprises (hopefully), so i’ll be back to share those when I can!


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