Did That Just Happen??!: Ross Leadership Initiative

It’s been a whirlwind around here in the Arbor of Anns, folks.

The 430-member class of 2009 just finished the first component of what we call “Ross Leadership Initiative“: The Foundation Session.  What emerged from all of the mayhem (no, REALLY, mayhem!) I’d be really, really hard-pressed to explain.  But I did acquire some little things from these events that I wouldn’t mind sharing…

— A big nasty cut from a big nasty kitchen knife while competing in Grill for Glory.  Each section was tasked with creating a meal, presenting it, and offering after-dinner entertainment in a way to foster strong teamwork.

— A good ole’ whiff of the foulest-smelling shoe, and the keepsake of a pastel yellow Ross t-shirt, from our urban blight-busting blitz (say that three times fast!).   When we emerged, we’re pretty sure we made a neighborhood look amazing.

— annnnd….of course, a tailgate to celebrate Section Four’s victory in the RLI Challenge!  It’s a great start to the next two (uh, three?) years of my life…and if I wasn’t so busy I’d blog more about it…::sigh:: another time…

Oh yeah, so the moral of the story: if you’re applying, I think you should go to Ross.  I’m just sayin’. 🙂


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  1. ad says:

    ok. you’ve almost got me.

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