So It Begins, AKA “Bleat Bleat Bleat”

I depart for M-Trek in about 12 hours with reading materials in hand:

Call me a dork to my face, but I really dig the non-plastic binder with our Ross Leadership Initiative materials. Granted, if it rains we all gonna have some messy papers. But here’s hoping that it, uh, it doesn’t. 🙂

In other news, I got one of these, even after vowing I WOULDN’T, and thus I am a Crack[berry] Addict.  Soon I’ll be forsaking friendships and any semblance of a social life as I thumb with that oh-so-sexy glowing scroll wheel…ungh! But I think I’m not going to be able to cut it by just writing all my appointments on an empty envelope anymore, so….


4 Responses to So It Begins, AKA “Bleat Bleat Bleat”

  1. Wannabe says:


    I’m thinking about applying to Ross and would like to discuss a few things with you. If you’re up for it, could you drop me a line?

    hopeful.wannabe (at) gmail dot com


  2. […] York, scarecrow got acquainted at Johnson, and m@ sounded cheerful as he set out on his M-Trek with spiffy Ross binders in […]

  3. spencer says:

    M@ – I am sticking by not having a blackberry. I have a european phone instead, which has rarity kudos (well, will when I get it unlocked). Best of luck with the intro stuff to Ross. I am on the Stern train from first thing monday. Exams 9am. What a way to start…

  4. Blake says:

    Dude, welcome to the “crackberry” owner ranks!! I have a Treo (Yeah, not a blackberry but just as addicting) and nearly swear by it. Seriously dude, the thing is amazing. 😀 Sure, it causes a rather unsightly bump in my pocket when I carry it but the thing is a tank! And by tank I mean T-A-N-K! I’ve dropped the bad-boy Lord-knows how many times and it still working great. If I have my choice, I’ll never got back to just a standard phone.

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