2500 Miles = Lots of Potty Breaks

Whew. I’m here.

So I’ve been spending the last few days getting settled here in Ann Arbor [read: finding time to unpack in between random late-night socials with the other MBAs already in town], just in enough time to leave for M-Trek on Wednesday!

With one of the first posts here at Rainierisms, I introduced you to Friedrich, my oh-so-invaluable travel companion. Well, the furry little guy was at it again on this jaunt:


Welp, here’s Friedrich leaving Seattle and its lush greenery. His back’s to the camera because killer rabbits don’t shed tears, they cause them.


He was up bright and early to see the sun rise over the Montana hills…or he’s totally enthralled by my windshield’s squashed bug collection.


Okay, this thing scared him to death.  Known in South Dakota lore as the Jackalope, he scans the Wall Drug confines for any willing children to hop on his back and see what it’s like riding a…giant rabbit with antlers.  Friedrich begs us to leave, quickly.


“Friedrich!  Stop trying to EAT the Corn Palace!  You’re…EMBARRASSING me!”


Well, I guess you have to get your nourishment from somewhere if it’s not the Corn Palace.


Only four hours away.

After Chicago, Freddy got so excited about arriving in Ann Arbor that he suddenly went into mass hysteria and wouldn’t allow me to take any photography of him on campus.  Last time I saw him, he was heading down State Street toward the Delta Sig house.  When in Rome, I guess….


2 Responses to 2500 Miles = Lots of Potty Breaks

  1. MattCrossman says:

    Yay! Friedrich rocketh most bodaciously! Glad to hear your settling in o schaar-pvich, future leader of the free world :_)

  2. Rebecca says:

    Awww…I miss Freddy. He was my loving companion on that nail-biting trip to and from Leavenworth. Well, as loving as a killer rabbit can be. I’m glad he’s kept his earring.

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