LIVEBLOG! Rainierisms’ Last Day of Work

9:48am: Well folks, we’re coming live to you from ULAC’s Seattle Headquarters!  On the last day of work in these hallowed walls, hijinks are quite expected, and what better way to document those than on a Blog? 

I hear no responses, which means you TOTALLY agree with me! 

10:01am: Donuts and bagels at m@’s desk have been partially consumed.  One co-worker comments on the excessive sugary content of said donuts.  m@ smiles with glee.

10:41am: Frickin’ sweet!  The Blue Angels are in town and they just flew over the building.  Half the compound collectively crapped its pants about fourteen seconds ago…

1:24pm: So I went to lunch by the golf course with the co-workers today, and I must admit that I was TOTALLY spot-on with the wit today.  I even had my boss laughing at some moments of self-deprecation and the subtle droppings of how much this damn school thing is gonna cost.

My lead hands me a card signed by the group.  Some of the notes are as humorous as the responses I got from my “Peace Out, ULAC!” email.  For the second time today, m@ smiles with glee.

1:36pm: 3.5 hours to go.  Wow, that seems like a lot when typed.  Anyway, I just sent an email into the Black Box of Email Oblivion about getting my 401(k) dollars.  Maybe they could send it to me in equivalent value of Snickers candy bars.  Tee hee!

2:17pm: Blue Angels just flew past the building again, and MY LAST OFFICIAL PROJECT IS DONE DONE DONE.  IM with fellow co-worker reveals the bitter truth: “I am a drain on company resources right now!”

2:37pm: I got tired of hearing the things and I went to the roof to scope things out (my lead showed me how to get up there).  “They just landed”, some descending colleagues noted.  We go up anyway to check if they’re lying.  They’re not. 

My slacking IM drain-on-resources partner in crime mentions that they’ve been practicing off and on since 7am, so they probably need a break.  PFFT.

3:35pm: My exit interview became more of an Exit Sun-Tzu session with the manager.  In fact, I think I was asked less personal questions on my MBA applications.  Bridges remain unburnt.

3:37pm: DIE, CORPORATE CREDIT CARD, DIE!! :: snip snip snip ::

3:55pm:  Uh, I’m eating a cookie.

4:22pm:  30 minutes to go, and my engineering career is flashing before my eyes…how could I forget the sweet tea gorging business trips to Tennessee, a jaunt to Brazil (belleza!), living in Berlin (and muttering under my breath about how much more German the two year-old sitting next to me on the U-Bahn knew)…treasured memories that are definitely NOT going in the trash along with my Principles of Aerodynamics textbook.

4:45pm: DONE DONE DONE!!  Ross, heeeeeeere I come!


3 Responses to LIVEBLOG! Rainierisms’ Last Day of Work

  1. adam says:

    i love love love liveblogs. and books about hating christian dating books. and if you ever want some tips on good churches to check out, even the quiet little chapel variety, in the ann arbor area, i got your hookup. i can find you several. 4 years at a christian college outside of AA, and you learn all about the area churches.

  2. it was good talking with you tonight. 🙂 enjoy the rest of your journey back to the midwest! perhaps we can do stars together sometime.

  3. […] the soon-to-be-student front, M@ chronicles his literally explosive last day of work and gets psyched to leave Seattle for Ross this fall. Meanwhile, Iday’s getting all geared up for Chicago with a Lenovo Thinkpad – perhaps […]

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