I sent out the hallowed “Peace Out, ULAC!” email just after chowing down on a piece of free pie today (mmmm, pie….).  The responses are always quite interesting (unless you go hardcore and send it as your last email EVER!)…some of mine included:

— An email from former colleagues telling me to come visit Indianapolis once in a while (for the Rathskeller, I’ll do anything!)

— At least a half-dozen emails stating something along the lines of “smart move, m@.”  (I think so too.)

— “Don’t forget about us little people.”  (This responder was accurate, he is a little shorter than me.)

— “Grad school was a real eye opener for me!”  (Uhhhh….?)

— “I just enrolled my oldest son into The Ohio State University!”  (Poor kid.)

— An email from the Executive VP of my previous company.  (THIS was interesting.  He essentially let me know that Ross is a target school for them; he simply closed with “Keep in touch!”  Subtle, verrrry verrrrry subtle.)

My weekend is chock-full with farewell parties (for other friends as well, one of whom is going to Japan for a year), BBQs, and Happy Hours.  And to be honest, it almost just feels like another weekend here in Seattle, even though it’s going to be my last.

I’m sure that, at some random location in Wyoming along Interstate 90, that it’ll finally hit me.  By then, the Space Needle will be out of sight, and the plains of the Midwest will greet me with amber waves of grain. *tear*


2 Responses to The End….Is NEEEEAR

  1. adam says:

    yes, do come to indy sometimes. and. the ohio state comment kills me.

  2. mocha says:

    So….are you ready to go to Michigan?? It must be fun to quit your job and move on with your life !!! I envy you~ I just started working…hehe…it’s gonna be another couple years before I want to apply for MBA. Maybe a master degree first 😛

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