Waving ‘Round My Bill$$

I find it ironic that the background image on my header — since September when Rainierisms changed genres from “Seattle socialite’s opinions on, er, Seattle” to “masochist’s analysis on whether or not the b-skool application process is contained within the 4th or 5th circle of Hell” — has been of Ross’ Davidson Hall.  This hallowed building (now probably being ground up into fine pixie dust due to some hardcore renovating) was the site of my only undergraduate business class.  I almost failed it. 🙂

Well then, with enrollment deposit paid in record time, it’s official.  I feel liberated — almost like it feels after climbing the rope in gym class or taking your undies out of the dryer, I guess?  So with that said, and figuring I haven’t been all too inflammatory during this whole she-bang, I figure it’s time to go public.

Fellow Rossers, meet your future classmate:

I’m Matt, a semi-strapping young lad (no, really, I’m under the average age!) hailing originally from South Dakota.  Look for the fella sporting the Mario Manningham jersey and a pair of Ray-Bans at the Oregon game.  I’ll buy you a hot dog.  Deal?

(Whew, that felt good, almost like I was trapped in a cage with a wet St. Bernard for the past few months…)


3 Responses to Waving ‘Round My Bill$$

  1. David says:

    I’m holding you to the hot dog deal!

  2. t-test says:

    Congratulations! An epic, epic application process for you.

    I might ask you for some tips on using wordpress – I am having to start a more serious blog for certain study reasons…

  3. Jay Field says:

    As a Ross 2005 grad (who saw you on the mgoblog board) congrats on your acceptance – it was two of the most exhilarating years of my life and you will leave a changed person. Just get through the first 6 weeks!


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