Oooh, Yeah, so Maybe I Forgot a Little

While I wait and pine some more, I read my buddy’s blog this morning — his GMAT appointment’s coming up.

In the meantime, my daily emails from the online study guide continue to pile up, like an ignored clump of laundry in the corner of my room.  Don’t worry, socks, you’ll be washed soon…

It’s sort of odd to think about studying or doing anything remotely application-related at this very moment.  I’m absolutely enveloped in the waitlist game — which anyone who’s experienced it will affirm: it’s nothing like the normal process.  It almost has more extremities and uncertainties to it, with the realization that your interview result is inserted into a black box…which could be opened anywhere between two hours and six weeks from now. 

I plan on giving myself a couple of weeks — at least — before shifting gears and preparing for Africa.


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