Tomorrow will mark the fourth straight week I’ve been absent from my home church, and the lapse in time is merely one of the many things that make me wish to be back in Seattle this very moment.

I often make the rational self-discovery of how jaded I’ve become.  I tell people of what I do now and what I eventually want to do, and the response often is “So you’re giving up ULAC, the opportunity to travel the world, and make good money for…what?!” 

You know, those people are right.  Dead nuts correct — I’m sitting in a Swiss hotel room after spending the day in the French Alps, meals all paid, getting escorted to work in a plush Mercedes…

…yet when I spoke with the fantastic people at Ross on Thursday, I didn’t miss a beat when asked whether or not I’d (hypothetically) accept if offered a spot in the Class of 2009.  “OH YEAH!”

So, I’m probably jaded about something.  What good is a trip halfway around the world if you’re an anonymous face, chewing the fat of the land for a few weeks then going home?  Sights and sounds are meant to be appreciated alongside friends, and perhaps I’m just worn out from being a tourist in many respects.

I may be the only person I know that actually uses the little orange Bible that I received from the Gideons — I was a freshman at Michigan, and this polite gentleman was offering — not forcing — them into the hands of passing students.  I took one, perhaps as more of a gesture of support, indicating that I agreed with the Message without saying words.

If I could shake that man’s hand today, I’d tell him of the times it became my comfort in random hotel rooms from Shenzhen to Sao Paulo.  It takes up less space than a pack of smokes, but gives more hope and solace than a Marlboro ever could.

I’m once again on the edge of some great decision, and I imagine these are the ones life is defined by.  Ross knows me, and I know them.  I’ve done all I can, took a rest, then did some more.

Soon, very soon, I’ll know if that was enough.


3 Responses to Semi-Charmed

  1. wannabe says:

    i hope that ross gives you an admit. but you’ve done your best and that’s all you can expect from yourself.

    will there be another time?

  2. mba_salsera says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! Good luck!

  3. Blake says:

    Good luck, bro!

    (You’re really chauffeured to work in a Mercedes? Wow.)

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