Dear Diary:

Dear Diary:

The past few days were lots of fun.  Let me recap:

Friday I watched a movie.
Saturday I camped out to support the end of the Ugandan civil war.
Sunday I partied with the people with whom I camped out.
Monday I got rejected by Haas.

…and with that, there’s not much else to say.  Right now I’m attempting to collect the remnants of what was a completely unsuccessful application year.  “There’s lessons to be learnt in everything“, I may say several days from now.  But at the moment, I’m not able to sift through the layers and providential hopes.  All I know is this: it’s rejection, and it’s painful.


9 Responses to Dear Diary:

  1. mba_salsera says:

    I am so sorry! That sucks. Seriously, sucks. But do you still have hope for the waitlist at Ross? At least you know you have the Peace Corps! Or there is always next year…Good luck!

  2. bancaku says:

    Pls cheer up! Hopefully, ROSS will come through.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Berkeley has missed out on having you grace their halls with your brilliance. Sucks to be them. We could say something really cheesy like, “when God closes doors, He opens windows” but let’s not. Let’s just say that rejection sucks, but you’re still awesome.

  4. wannabe says:

    Sorry to hear that!

    Don’t worry, it seems like you’re still going to go places! The Peace Corps sounds like a pretty good thing, and there’s always Ross to give you some love..

  5. t-test says:

    Best of luck with the W/L, but it sounds like an awesome “contingency” plan you have in place anyway.

  6. e cho says:

    stay in seattle!
    go uw…

  7. Forrest Gump says:

    i know how it feels, having got multiple dings of my own. but hey, this is an opportunity to look back on what you did wrong (or not quite right), and correct those if you end up applying next year.

    good luck with the ross wl though – will you attend if you get in ?

  8. adam says:

    matt, you were accepted at duke and perhaps at ross….i wouldn’t call that entirely unsuccessful. fuqua is a very prestigious program, you should be proud of your accomplishments

  9. adam says:

    oh yeah, and don’t feel bad. i can’t even get accepted to ADOPT A DOG.

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