What Did Napoleon Do On His Day Off? Stared At Himself In The Mirror, I Reckon.

Okee dokee, so the chatter on the BW board suggests that Haas admit calls are going out, and I’m having perhaps the quickest deja vu of my life. 

See, usually my moments of freak reminiscence occur several years apart.  But it was only, ummmm, six weeks ago that I sat around in a frenzy of futility, knowing that I had a better chance of adopting a harbor seal than getting a Ross admit without an interview.

So while the 510 area code shows up on some mobiles around the world, I’m going to find alternative ways of passing the time, such as this:

That’s RIGHT.  I’m watching(stalking) a FALCON.  Apparently in a drunken quest to find some semblance of entertainment in Indianapolis aside from watching cars go around in circles, some crazy folks decided to put a camera in an unassuming falcon’s nest on top of a 40-story building.

OBVIOUSLY, they got it right, since it’s caught my attention for at least the past few days.  Plus, the little critters are just too dang cute and would probably give me more lovin’ than the Bay.  Who’s the cynic now, Caulfield?!!


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