I Set Myself Up Fo’ This.

Before I type (er, I’m typing now. Bah.), I want to commend my pastor and friend, Eugene (AKA Mean Gene CHOkerlund, AKA Captain E-Cho) for his article in the Seattle P-I published this morning. Amen and Amen.

Anyway, I’ve deserted my sweet, cuddly, razor-sharp blog lately since the MBA front has been deathly silent. While accepted students are nestled in their beds, visions of venture capital jobs dancing in their heads, I’m still trudging along the path of uncertainty. And when I begin to mope or whine or operate in the guise of Paris Hilton as a twelve year-old, I have to remind myself that I was the one who took the GMAT! I was the one who plopped down the coin!

But this week, a glimmer of hope: my nomination for the Peace Corps has come through! I used the BWaaaaa Forums as a sounding board after hearing the news, which can either evoke a response of shock or utter shock, depending on your involvement with said forum. But I’ve been getting some pretty sharp responses that help me along the way.

So what decision will I make? Not sure yet, but I DO know that I’m gonna be eating saltines and sleeping on a sheet of cardboard this weekend in support of Invisible Children.


One Response to I Set Myself Up Fo’ This.

  1. mba_salsera says:

    Congrats on the Peace Corps! If I were a couple years younger I would totally have done the Peace Corps prior to B-school. But I’m old (in b-school terms) and already lived several years in South America. I can’t commit another 2 years to the Peace Corps right now. But I will revisit that decision later in life for sure! Any word from Ross on the waitlist status? Good luck! And yes, waiting still totally sucks!

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