Game? This Ain’t No GAME!

THIS is a game! 

This morning’s Wall Street Rag has an interesting article titled “Schools, Students Play the Waiting Game” [Link should work…].  Anyway, I found it SHOCKINGLY relevant to my plight despite its focus mostly on undergraduate admissions, although I’m not so certain I trust in this bit of advice for my own situation:

Do: Ask your high-school counselor to convey your interest if the school calls.”

If Michigan’s digging THAT deep, then I’m at a loss for words.  You need to remember, that doesn’t happen too often, so take it in slowwwwly. 🙂

Please also note (and if any AdComs had been Googling the Internets for potentially-self-incriminating info on students, then I have their attention and just want to say “Howdy!”), I will not be engaging in the following activity, so you guys don’t need to worry about hiding your kids or anything:

“Two years ago, a kid pitched a tent(!!!) outside the admissions office in an effort to show his interest,” says Charles Deacon, dean of undergraduate admissions at Georgetown University.  Unfortunately, it rained on the third night, and “the next morning, the tent was gone,” he says.  The student wasn’t admitted.

Besides, there’s plenty of time for on-campus tenting once you get there…


One Response to Game? This Ain’t No GAME!

  1. mocha says:

    That game was terrific! I play badminton too, but man…these players are quick!

    Anyways, thanks for swinging by my blog. I have couple friends who live in Seattle, and I hear nothing but the good things about Seattle. I actually look forward to seeing that city. Luckily, I get a chance to see it before I make my commitment to take that job offer up there =)

    Keep posting those kool YouTube videos. I enjoy watching them.

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