I’d Prefer to Wash My Hair, Thank You

You don’t realize how painful this is, do you.

As a Michigan fan, I really do not enjoy watching Ohio State win anything.  If Ann Arbor is a woman of negotiable affection, as they say, then Columbus is an enslaving, egotistical conqueror of uncertain lands who doesn’t deserve a holiday.  Eat it. 

So imagine the horror when the Buckeyes took it to Georgetown on Saturday.  Not only did those punks win (the nerve!), but they also effectively destroyed my bracket.  Why?

Because no good Michigan alum would put Ohio State past the Elite Eight.  No, sir.  That’s like rooting for Jafar to marry Jasmine and enslave Aladdin for ev er.  You make children cry by rooting for Ohio State.

As you can see from the following clip, Gators and Bush mix.  I fear that if we ever allow a Buckeye to set foot on the White House lawn, life could effectively cease.  It would be like mixing a nuclear weapon with sulfuric acid. 

So I’m not going to watch; instead, I’ll be busy getting my fallout shelter prepared.  Go Gators, the world is counting on you!


4 Responses to I’d Prefer to Wash My Hair, Thank You

  1. david says:

    does this mean greg oden is the anti-christ? you must have prayed hard because the gators won with authority…

  2. Becky says:

    Also being a true, die-hard Michigan fan I can completely understand what you are talking about here!! But I also can’t stand the Gators. Now that I live here in the south that is all I hear about….and as far as I’m concerned, that cocky Noah can go home and stay home. Thank god we don’t have to look at him next year!

    Question for you? – why aren’t you applying to Michigan??? Being a fan, I’m also not applying to Michigan – just wondered what your reasons were!

  3. m@ says:

    Actually, Becky…if you reference the big board to your right, you’ll see that Meeeshigan is on my list. I’m more concerned about getting football tickets in time than how I’m gonna actually pay for this whole thing. 🙂

  4. Rebecca says:

    Ignoring the basketball madness, I have to appreciate that you referenced Aladdin in your post. Obviously you have more experience with Disney musicals than our friend Tre. Next time we have a karaoke fest involving a duet of “Whole New World” we will have to call on you.

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