Dreamy McDream Campus: Haas

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“Really believe in your heart of hearts that your fundamental purpose, the reason for being, is to enlarge the lives of others. Your life will be enlarged also. And all of the other things we have been taught to concentrate on will take care of themselves.”

Profound? Certainly. So, uh, who said it? Obviously some sort of wise sage peaked in the peaky peaks of Nepal.

Or…Pete Thigpen, the professor whose class I observed during my visit to Haas this past week.

I still am trying to comprehend how perfect of a campus experience I just had. I mean…professors were challenging yet friendly and super-smart. The Admissions Office folks actually wanted to chat with me. The student ambassadors were (gasp) actually taking the bait on my light-hearted sarcasm and flinging it back at me like poo. GirlyGirl made the brave trek west to share in the experience; our response to the Berkeley environment was mutual: “It’s like Ann Arbor…With hills and no snow!”

That evening, we returned to our weekend headquarters at my aunt and uncle’s house east of Oakland for hot links and beer. As we sat around the table discussing my visit, I made the comment that Berkeley just happens to be my reach school; my GMAT, GPA, average age/work experience, and overall awesomeness are below average. In a sign of ignorance for all things Business-Week-forum related, my younger cousin — two months away from completing his undergraduate degree — pffed at my comment and declared, “I got a good feeling about this one, m@. Don’t you worry.”

I smiled with half-enthusiasm and half-dread, hoping to GOD that he hadn’t decided to suddenly utilize his 320-pound frame as a method of torture to certain higher-ups there in the East Bay. But maybe my cousin was indirectly reminding me of what I truly believe…you see, faith has proven that I can believe in extraordinary things, many of which may directly involve me. Often I wonder what kind of vessel I’ll be to serve God and others, but I trust that it’s going to be fun, exciting, challenging, and unexpected all at the same time. And maybe — just maybe — Haas will allow me to partner with them to enlarge the lives of others.


One Response to Dreamy McDream Campus: Haas

  1. theniceguy says:

    Your cousin is probably right…Berkley is a great choice. The area is beautiful and the school is great, you’re golden.


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